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Nashville female duo to launch new EP

We just wrapped up mastering for the upcoming Steel Ivory EP at

The hit lab with Nathan Dantzler. It is set to release first part of November.

I had a great time producing this five song EP with my two daughters

Kayleigh and Kristin. We had several good friends from Nashville play on this

release: Geoff Smith, Jason Roller, Chris Condon and Smith Curry. The EP

features You Were There - a song Kayleigh and Kristin wrote dedicated to their

Grandpa Phil who passed away last October from lung cancer. Also featured is

Pretty- a female empowerment anthem. YoYo is a bouncy power pop country song

that you will want to crank in your car. Don't Mention it touches on relationships that

lots of folks will relate to and rounding out the EP is I Dare You - a power pop

country song. All five of these songs are single release quality so keep an eye out for

Steel Ivory: Next week more on the new EP from Steel Ivory,

all of the songwriters involved on the songs and how the ideas for the songs came about.

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