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Review By: Shane Grove October 3 2022: Y'all killed it! Thanks again for another great demo! 

Review By: RSEnterprises August 21 2022: Great work

Thanks again! 


Review by: Craig Mathews April 10, 2021

Love it!!! Really appreciate all ya'll's good work and creative genius! Hope we get a chance to do another one before long. 


Review by: Dale Giffen April 8, 2021

This sounds great! Thanks Jed.


Review By: Tom James March 28, 2021

Thanks for being so easy and generous to work with. Looking forward to more collaboration!

Review By: Rusty Reid Feb 21, 2021

A different challenge, always a great track from Jed.

Review by: Rita Wells Feb 20, 2021

Hi Jed and girls,
Thank you for Mistletoe. We love the demo. Great job as always and we are grateful.

Review by: Shane Grove  Feb 19, 2021 

Sounds amazing! Thanks so much!


Review By: ceeveejane Jan 23, 2021

Another 5 Stars for Jed  It's always a pleasure working with you!


Review By: ceeveejane Jan 21, 2021

JDP rocks 5 stars! I love how Jed takes my simple piano chord chart and turns it into this amazing instrumentation! Always impressed!


Review By: ceeveejane Jan 18, 2021

5 stars! I love it! Kayleigh's vocals rock! Jed and Kayleigh's work is the dynamic duo of country song production! As a writer, you have the sound in your head, and hope that it can come out sounding right on tracks...well I'm not disappointed! They gave life to my chords and melodic line....leaving me So Impressed! Yay! I love it!


Review by: Pmaier123 Jan 15, 2021

Hey Jed, thanks for the tracks and for the help with the vibe. The tag at the end of the song is an excellent idea. I appreciate you helping this song find its place.


Review by:Pmaier123 Jan 5, 20201

Hey Jed, please tell Vince he did a great job. Beautiful, emotive singing.  I hope we can work on some more tracks. Thanks again!forward to the WAV file.

Bill O'Hanlon Jan 1, 2021

Hope to be back in Music City this year. Thanks for the great productions and tracks, Jed.



Review By: ceeveejane Dec 22, 2020

Jed's the real deal! A true professional. I've worked with him for a couple of years now and love his attention to detail and his ability to read between the lines and figure out what I want with very little direction. I'm very happy with his production service!
5 stars!


Review By: David Krauss Dec 22, 2020

This is great. Thanks so much. You killed it again.

Review By: Dale Giffen Dec 20, 2020

This is great thanks! 

Review By: Rusty Reid Dec 16, 2020

Another great one from Jed.

Review By: ceeveejane Dec 16, 2020

As with many past experiences with Jed, I'm happy with the production. Jed is always professional and quick; turning a song around in just a few days. He's my "go to" guy for my country demos. He goes the extra mile to guarantee you're pleased with the quality of the performance. A 5 star operation!

Review By: Johnny Fritts  December 15, 2020

"I was having some issues editing my home studio project and brought it to Jed. He knew exactly how to fix the issue and exceeding my expectations. Whether you're working on a "do it yourself" project or looking to hire a producer for a full production, you can count on JDP to get the job done right. " - 

Review By: giffordman Dec 1, 2020

Another great mix and master from Jed. Looking forward to the next one :-)

Review by: David Krauss Nov 24, 2020

Jed Demlow Productions crushed it again. 

Produced another amazing song. The talent and musical magic is consistent and professional. I would highly recommend him. The hits just keep coming!



Review By: ceeveejane Nov 20, 2020

Another amazing demo from JSDTunes! Excellent musicianship and production. I couldn't be happier with thus service. 5 star and highly recommended! Thank you Jed!


Review By: Reba Jackson Nov 15, 2020

Great service as always! Thanks Jed.



Review By: Reba Jackson Nov 10, 2020

Great working with Jed again - really professional guy and great execution!



Review By: spiegel Nov 2, 2020




Review By: giffordman Oct 29, 2020

Superb quality job. I am so very pleased with Jed's work. Fully justifying an awesome rating. Turned around so quickly and he made the whole process straightforward with his expert help and guidance.


Review by: Rusty Reid Oct 23, 2020

Wow, Jed... some wonderful keyboard sounds going here. Very creative, and perfect for the song. Above and beyond. Thanks so much.


Review By: Rusty Reid Oct 20, 2020

I literally needed a magical song, and Jed delivered. He is the best.



Review By: Rita Weyls October 13, 2020

I want to thank you for the wonderful demos you produced for us. The quality 

is exceptional and we get many compliments when pitching. I was especially impressed with the level of professionalism throughout the process.


Review By: HankTH Sep 26, 2020

Yet another great job by Jed & vocalist Kayleigh Delozier! NEVER a disappointment--EVER.

Review By: John O'Sullivan Sep 21, 2020

Thank you so much Jed. I love the arrangement and musicianship. It has turned out way beyond my expectations. Cheers! John




Review By: David Krauss Sep 19, 2020

Jed does a consistently amazing job. Cranks out great tunes with great musicians. Again, I would give 6 Stars if I could. I would Highly recommend him.



Review By: Michael Zane Trusty Sep 17, 2020

Great studio work always 5 star!!!

Review By: Ken Korey Sep 12, 2020

Jed did an awesome job mixing & mastering my song! He was very professional, great to work with, and gave me some great advice! He amazed me at what he was able to do with my vocals. Simply awesome! The mix & final master of my song sounded far better than I could have ever imagined! I definitely will be using Jed again in the near future, & I highly recommend Jed for anyone looking for a professional, for vocal editing, mixing, or mastering their project. He is truly Amazing!



Review By: Shane Grove: Sept 6, 2020

Wow! Sounds great! 

You do outstanding work!


Review By: Rusty Reid Aug 30, 2020

Way cool. Brought a cover tune to a higher plane.

Review By: Michael Zane Trusty Aug 29, 2020

Love it JED! Thanks so much for all the great work, I have another coming your way. ;)

Review By: Rusty Reid Holster Aug 13, 2020

Jed smashes another one over the fence

Review By: David Krauss  Jul 21, 2020

Jed is a true music pro. He works with great musicians and delivers a great product. He is a Home Run hitter and as a songwriter, I would highly recommend him for your next project. He delivers amazing songs

Review By: Rusty Reid Holster  Jul 14, 2020

Very cool. Thanks much.

Review By: Rusty Reid Holster  May 17, 2020

A long song that could have easily fallen into tedium was rendered magic by Jed. So cool.

Review By: David Krauss  May 13, 2020

I would give Jed 6 Stars if I could. He gave life to a song I truly believed in and did a great job marrying my lyrics with great music. He is a very talented musician/producer. He was responsive and creative and is a real pro. I would highly recommend him for your project.

Review By: Reba Jackson  Apr 17, 2020

Thanks Jed and team for the great eperience and production.
Really appreciate your work and time.
Would definitely be interested in collaborating on future production projects.
Stay safe

Review By: LeanNot  Apr 12, 2020

JDP is 100% foreal, i gave him 11 different wav files all recorded at different times and sound levels all over the place he put it together for me like it was nothing, he is a pro, i will be back. GOD Bless you and yours. - Lean Not

Review By: Rusty Reid Holster  Apr 30, 2020

Jed knocks it out of the park again. Thanks so much.

Review By: ceeveejane Apr 8, 2020

A 5 star production! I always enjoy the direction Jed takes with my songs. A true, experienced professional! I love it! Kayleigh never disappoints as a lead vocalist and her harmonies rock as well!
I can't wait to have my next song produced!

Review By: Alena Holmes Mar 30, 2020

Excellent job! Love the arrangement; very professional and tasteful. Will continue to work with Jed!

Review By: Rusty Reid Holster  Mar 28, 2020

Another winner. Jed is amazing.

Review By: Jackson911 

Mar 21, 2020

Highly recommend! Super easy to work with and turns out excellent work!!

Review By: Rusty Reid Holster

 Mar 17, 2020

Another great project with Jed.

Review By: ceeveejane Mar 17, 2020

5 Stars for a quick return and professional fix to an old track that needed some tlc. Thanks Jed!
You're always on point!

Review By: Rusty Reid Holster Mar 9, 2020

Another fantastic job by Jed. And quick, too. Can't beat that combo.

Review By: MCiarlant  Mar 5, 2020

Great job. Exactly what I was looking for. Quick turn around and overall awesome performance!

Review By: Gene Tobola Feb 13, 2020

Kayleigh did a great job. Her harmonies were excellent as well. Will definitely use her again.
Thanks, Gene

Review By: ceeveejane Feb 8, 2020

Thank you for a great mix. I gave you you shreds and you made it whole!5 star experience!

Review By: Darian A. Rouby Feb 4, 2020

Kayleigh and Jed THANK YOU SO MUCH! Kayleigh is a true professional! She recorded a song from my theater project and the result exceeded all expectations. She has a brilliant voice! If you need a great vocal performance I highly recommend Kayleigh. Very satisfied! Jed is a great producer and engineer. Thank you!

Review By: Rusty Reid Holster  Jan 27, 2020

Jed is amazing. Super talented. multi instrumentalist, excellent communication, quick turnaround.

Review By: Buddy Sills  Jan 23, 2020

Kayleigh has a beautiful voice, and working with her and Jed was a breeze.

Review By: ceeveejane  Jan 21, 2020

Thank you Hayleigh and JSDTunes! They hit another one outta the park! Timely and creative. Professional and top notch musicianship! Love what they did with my song! 5 Stars for sure!

Review By: swansmile Jan 20, 2020

WOW! Kayleigh is an excellent singer and J is quite masterful at his craft. We did two very different songs, a ballad and an upbeat tune...both came out great. I was concerned about how this could happen remotely...but they have it down so it went very smooth. Recommend highly!

Review By: Thato Althrilla Kemelo 

Jan 19, 2020

Wonderful services I gratefully approve everybody to work with airgigs, iam so happy,so you will be too,great singers.

Review By: HankTH  Jan 16, 2020

Another Great Job. It's no wonder I keep coming back!

Review By: mixmastercx  Jan 16, 2020

Thanks again Jed That was fast! Looking forward. Collin

Review By: Richtiger  Jan 16, 2020

Good job done, I appreciate your work

Review By: Sebastian Muxo  Jan 12, 2020

Great Job! Thank You.

Review By: spiege Jan 8, 2020

Fantastic job as always. Jed is a pleasure to work with and his attention to detail is amazing. As you know details make the difference and that's why I will keep using Jed. thanks again Jed for a great and timely job.

Review By: spiegel  Jan 5, 2020

Jed is an absolute pleasure to work with. He has a pair of golden ears that hear things only dogs can hear. He is a great mix engineer and producer. He has been working on several projects for me and the results have been top notch. He is a super nice guy to boot and his turn around time is fast. I highly recommend Jed and his all star team at JSD TUNES.. Great job and thank you so much.

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