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What's the Difference Between a Songwriter and a Topline Writer?

Toplining by definition is: "writing a song over a pre-made beat." Instead of starting the "Old School" way with a blank page, the Topliner has an energy, vibe and structure to start with provided by the Toplining Track.  Many of the songs we hear on the radio today started as instrumental beats that were toplined afterwards. Toplining tracks immediately put you in the niche that you are wanting to write in and if you are also a great vocalist then these days all you need is a mic and a laptop and a hot Toplining Track and you are good to go as a Pro Topliner / Songwriter . Toplining tracks are also much more affordable than hiring a producer/musicians. Some Toplining Track producers offer flexible arrangements on their tracks so they can be adjusted in length or tempo etc to perfectly fit the Topliners needs. Most producers do not take credit for or ask for any percentage of royalties from the songs written using their tracks. Topliners will need to obtain a license to use said tracks and if its planned to release the song for sync or iTunes for example, Topliners will need to obtain a buyout license from the producer in which case the Topliner/Songwriter would then own all rights to the track. 

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