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Have You Created A Studio One Template Yet?

Creating and using a template in Studio One or any DAW for that matter will greater speed up your creative song making process. Having basic instruments that you are very familiar with pre loaded and at the ready makes it more about creating a new piece of music and less about the technology. Of course its a good idea not to get into a rut and always use all of the exact same sounds and or virtual instruments or guitar patches in every song that you create. Having a base template setup that you are very familiar with gets you going immediately and you can always change the sounds later in any modern DAW. Sometimes your favorite sounds and or programs just can't be beat and the old adage is true- If it ain't broke, don't fix it! Stop by and Please Subscribe to my YouTube channel for weekly Tutorial Tuesdays videos including How to SetupYour Own Template in Studio One Pro. Happy Music Creating Everyone!

Jed Demlow is a Country Music Producer based in Nashville, TN

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